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DOT Physicals

  **DOT physicals have been suspended until further notice**


DOT Physicals for Medical Cards:

For commercial drivers who need a DOT medical card, our FMCSA certified and licensed medical provider can perform a DOT physical.

If you are a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver, having a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate aka DOT medical card, is required by federal and state law to legally operate a commercial vehicle in interstate and intrastate commerce. Commercial drivers must pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination from a licensed practitioner and certified medical examiner to become certified. 

Who Needs A DOT Physical/Medical Card?

Interstate and intrastate commercial drivers may need to obtain this certification. 

A DOT physical is required for those who are operating the following vehicles:

  • A vehicle designed or used to transport more than 9 passengers (including the driver) for compensation

• A vehicle designed or used to transport more than 16 passengers (including the driver) not for compensation 

• Transport requiring Placard for Hazardous Waste

• Has a gross vehicle or has a gross combination weight or is rated to transport 10,001 lbs or more

When is a Medical Certificate Required?

Before first operating a Commercial Medical Vehicle. Drivers who are attending driving school have a commercial learners permit (CLP).

At least every 2 years, or more often as directed by the Medical Examiner.

Whenever the drivers ability to perform his or her normal duties has been impaired by a physical or mental injury or disease ( this is a shared responsibility of the motor carrier and driver).

What Is Included in a DOT Exam?

Eye Exam
Blood Pressure Check
Hearing Assessment
Health History Review
Urinalysis (not drug test)
Whole body physical 

While scheduling is preferred, walk-in's are welcome (excluding Tuesdays and some Saturdays) !


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